Dear Parents & Carers of Year 10 students,

Your daughter has  just finished her Regular Assessment Tests(RATS) & will be looking forward to breaking up for the winter break.  Students will be given their Autumn Short Report next week but you can have an early preview of this on e-portal.

We finish school at 12.30pm on Thursday 20 December and start the Spring Term on Monday 7 January at 10.50am.  Another important date for your diary is the Year 10 Parents’ Evening on Wednesday 6th March.

Year 10 have worked  hard this term completing coursework and homework as well as controlled assessments. It has been the most pressurising time so far for them and they have risen to the challenge. Many Year 10 students, approximately half the year group , will be using some of their holiday time preparing for their Biology GCSE examination which is on Wednesday 9th January 2013. 

During tutor time this week, we will be focussing on Biology revision and Active Revision Strategies in general.  In addition to this, Tutors will be helping students who have Biology GCSE in January to organise their holiday time, by helping them make a revision timetable for the Christmas holiday. This timetable will guide students to thoroughly prepare for their public examination as well as being able to make time to relax & have fun with their friends and family.

I hope that you all get the opportunity to have a relaxing break and wish you a Happy New Year.

kind regards

Anna Mastihi


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